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Still resting from NYCC

Happy Wednesday!

Bat and I have been recovering from New York Comic-Con.  It was great meeting some of our fans and we also got a commission for an original Beelzebud piece of art!  It was really heartwarming to be on the receiving end of that and hearing everyone telling me about their Dungeons & Dragons experiences/characters.

On the train I did find time to read a few graphic novels.  I recommend reading the Outcast series by Robert Kirkman if you’re feeling a horror mood this month.  It is about a man named Kyle Barnes who for some unknown reason has the ability to exorcise demonic beings from their human hosts.  These beings have been observing him for years for unknown reasons.

Video Game wise Bat and I are finishing up our seasonal run on Diablo 3!  This will be the first seasonal run we will have finished, and are excited for the upcoming horror game The Evil Within 2.

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