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Happy Hump Day Everyone! So this week I had a lot of fun playing Gwent on Sunday.  Learning a lot and am eager to put more time into the game.  After all practice makes perfect.  Fortnite comes out this Friday… (READ MORE)

MONDAY // JULY 17, 2017

Happy DungeonMini MOnday! Short blog post today; mandatory overtime has finally been lifted at my job so hurray! But most importantly, today is the day my father-in-law is getting heart surgery. So just keep him in your prayers, well wishes,… (READ MORE)

WEDNESDAY // JULY 12, 2017

Happy Wednesday everyone, Not a lot has been going on this week. Aside from health related issues regarding my dad, any well wishes are much appreciated.   For graphic novels, I’ve honestly only been catching up on past DC comics… (READ MORE)

MONDAY // JULY 10, 2017

Happy DungeonMini Monday! What a crazy Sunday we had! Thank you so much for everyone who came and a special thanks to Swim for that host! He’s one of the top Gwent players so be sure to check him out… (READ MORE)

WEDNESDAY // JULY 05, 2017

Happy Wednesday & Belated 4th of July for all of my fellow Americans! So we had an eventful week, broke 300 followers on Twitch this week!  It was an unexpected milestone reached, so that was really fun for Monday.  For… (READ MORE)