Drunk Fandom


Ever have that one friend who loves something you know nothing about ? Something wish they could explain better? Well, this isn’t that show!

Drunk Fandom is one of the shows played on Fierce Ferret Radio where they have a drunk person explain something they love to a sober friend, who is clueless. Listen FREE here!

Episode List

Season 1

Episode Name Topic Loremaster (Drunk) Interviewer (Sober)
Wasteland Whiskey Fallout Gideon BAT
Kaoling Hearts Kingdom Hearts Daekon Gideon
Retsina Evil Resident Evil BAT Daekon
Chronicles of Reisling Chronicles of Riddick Jack Gideon
My Hero Absinthe My Hero Academia Gideon Jack
Grogzilla Godzilla Ninjabush BAT
Madiera Hornets Mable Hornets Jack BAT
Mojito Effect Mass Effect Gideon Jack
Cocktail Tower Clocktower BAT Gideon
Gwent & Tonic The Witcher Gideon Jack

Season 2

Episode Name Topic Loremaster (Drunk) Interviewer (Sober)
Final Fantasy VII Gideon BAT
Stranger Things Daekon Ninjabush
Gideon Keye (Guest)
Locke & Key BAT Daekon
The X-Files Reaper BAT
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Gideon The Flaming Monocle (Guest)
The World Ends with You Jack BAT
Kamen Rye-der Kamen Rider Twinzplay401 (Guest) Gideon
Star Trek: Next Generation Sandwichmaster5000 (Guest) BAT
Silent Hill BAT Gideon


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