We’re back from AVGC! Shop is LIVE!

Hey guys! Meant to do a “Going to AVGC” post but things got so crazy around here that just did not happen.

We’re going to be doing a kickstarter update later today, but basically we are finally going to be starting kickstarter pledge production. The latest pledges will go our is still November, but we will be pushing to get them all out asap so they will start mailing out by the end of this month and through october.

The Etsy shop is officially live and will be listed on the site as well once some things get sorted with our webhost. Art Prints are available now, shirts and totes will also be up today and available asap. Shirts will be up soon, but only for pre-order, since we want to be sure our kickstarter backers get theirs first.

We hope you’re as excited as we are! There will be lots of pictures on the kickstarter update later!

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