Welcome to the new FierceFerrets.com!

It took weeks of blood, sweat and tears, but we are are finally live with the new site!

I want to thank everyone who sat with me through my coding woes, and if there are any problems using the site please don’t hesitate to reach out to admin@fierceferrets.com and we’ll happily tend to fixing them!

And of course, we have more to come!

  • Fierce Ferret Wikia; we are still in the process of migrating from fandom wikia, but we’re hoping this will be done before christmas.
  • Site Store; currently we are still using Etsy, but we are looking to leave Etsy for a fully integrated site store by early 2020
  • Member Area; we still plan on making a full member area for our paid subscribers to access, but this is taking extra time due to Twitch’s limited wordpress integration. We hope to have this done sometime in 2020
  • Member Forums; we plan to add member forums ofr a variety of reasons – user submitted content, suggestion forums and other Fierce Ferret content discussion. We hope to have this done before christmas.

Thank you so much for your patience during all of the maintenance and extended downtime hours, we hope to see you around the site!



*cocks ferret* profile's haunted

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