Upcoming Kickstarter Details

Thank you everyone who came to our Kickstarter Announcement Stream! This post is to catch everyone up on our upcoming Kickstarter to launch our Fierce Ferret merch shop and officially become a business!

When will the Kickstarter be?

We’re looking to launch the kickstarter around the 3rd-4th week of april, sometime between April 20th-30th. At worst case it may even be the first week of may, but we’re really hoping for April.

What is the main fund goal?

We are still crunching the final numbers but as of right now we are looking at something between $5 and $10k. This is to fund us making all of our goods in-house, meaning no 3rd party manufacturer. This will be achieved by buying a heat press, and most likely printing our own heat transfers, so the main funding will be for buying a said heatpress, a high-quality printer, a button maker, heatpress paper and of course the physical merch for the designs to go on. And maybe a new cutting machine, if our current one doesn’t… CUT it. Get it? CUT it? … sorry.

What Merch is that, exactly?

Im so glad you asked. For our main fund goal, we will be selling t-shirts, totes, and stickers. These will all be sold with Fierce Ferret IPs only, and no fan IPs like our prints. Yes, that absolutely includes Dungeon Minis and Beelzebud, as well as lots and lots of cute ferret merch!

Stretch Goals?

Stretch goals will include all of the extra merch we would love to sell, but will only be able to afford selling if we make certain fund goals after our main startup fund goal. Other items we want to sell are hoodies, hats, phone charms, messenger bagsĀ and mugs. We are also open to lots of new ideas, so feel free to comment with merch you would love to see!

What kind of rewards can we expect?

Merch rewards of course! We also have plans for sketch cards and an exclusive kickstarter-only shirt, to thank backers! We also plan on having special limited comic related rewards.

How exciting!

Oh yes, we’re very excited! We can’t believe how close we are to launch, and we’re so vert grateful for the loving and supportive community we’ve built.

To thank you guys, we’ve included a few sneak peek designs just for you! Of course, you can see all of the designs now by subscribing to us! Otherwise we’ll see you in april for the public release!

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