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Beelzebud Moves to Fridays

Hey guys! I just wanted to throw some updates on the state of things; the website, Patreon, Beelzebuds late updates, etc.

So first off, we are officially moving Beelzebud from Wednesdays to Fridays.

We’ve come to the conclusion that keep ahead of our comic schedule is too much of a struggle for us right now, due to our current financial and family medical problems. Next year we are hoping to move forward with getting ahead of our updates, but for now we’re just making them as they come and having a later due date in the week will definitely help with that.

Now, onto Patreon and the state of our support. This is also involved with the current state of the website, which has worked for what we needed so far, but that is going to change. is going to be seeing a complete overhaul, probably end of January, not only in visual design but the addition of a Paid Membership for those who no longer wish to associate their money with Patreon. This membership will offer the same features as our Patreon AND Twitch rewards for supporting us (exlcuding emotes on twitch/discord, since we have no control over that) and those who support us on those two sites will also be granted access to this member area. We will also finally be able to link our webcomic links to the LATEST comic page, rather than the 1st strip, with the help of some new plugins. While we don’t have the ability to make an app for our site, it will at least be mobile friendly.

That being said, there probably won’t be much updates from us until the new year. Thanks to everyone who congratulated us on our 5 year wedding anniversary this past week, you’re all an amazing support network and we can’t wait to see where 2018 leads us <3

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