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Every Tuesday @8pm EST we stream a starfinder tabletop rpg with our streamer buds!


Join the Rebellion!


Follow the crew of the Solar Spectre, as they aid the Resistance against the Galvedonian Empire.


A colorful LGBTQA+ cast with action, adventure and lost of laughs!



Please check out our amazing cast of friends and content creators who play in the campaign, below!


And be sure to drop by and watch us play live on Twitch every tuesday at 8pm (EST)





Download   || Episode 1: Light It Up

Download  || Episode 2: A Botched Homicide 

Download  || Episode 3: Mine Games 

Download  || Episode 4: The Relic 

Download  || Episode 5: Bloody Awkward

Download  || Episode 6: Bite The Bullet

Download  || Episode 7: Casino Battle Royale

Download  || Episode 8: A Slimey Time

Download  || Episode 9: A Friend Below

Download  || Episode 10: Gearing Up

Download  || Episode 11: The Impound Plot

Download || Episode 12: Prison Break

Download   || Episode 1: A Debrief Respite


Download   || Episode 2: The-Chromatic-Con-sortium


Download   || Episode 3: A Call of Faith


Download   || Episode 4: Gambling Abduction


Download   || Episode 5: New Aquaintences


Download   || Episode 6: Murder on the Holorail (part 1)


Download   || Episode 7: Murder on the Holorail (part 2)


Download   || Episode 8: A Farewell to Arms


Download   || Episode 9: Ghosts of Noshs Past


Download   || Episode 10: Screech and Rescue