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Become a Foofy Ferret for $1/ month

  • Early Access to Finished Artwork/Comics!
  • Name in the credits on our videos and games!
  • Talk to the creators! Access to a Sub-Only Chat Channel on our Discord Server!
  • Special Foofy Ferret Role on the Discord Community!
Become a Fun Ferret for $5/ month
  • All of the Foofy Ferret Rewards!
  • Access to Full Resolution Art/PSD Files
  • Access PC/Mobile Wallpapers // Usually for purchase on Etsy!
  • Special Fun Ferret Role on the Discord Community!

Become a Fiesty Ferret for $10/ month

  • All of the Foofy and Fun Ferret Rewards!
  • Access to Concept Art/Story stuff for projects
  • Access to Game Alphas/Betas
  • 20% Discount on Commissions
  • Special Fiesty Ferret Role on the Discord Community!

Become a Fierce Ferret for $25/ month

  • All of the Foofy, Fun and Fiesty Ferret Rewards!
  • One-time Traditional Colored Artwork of any person/character(fan or OC) sent by mail, signed! (to be mailed w/ first print)
  • Every other month receive an (11x17) Print of your choice in the mail, signed!
  • Special Fierce Ferret Role on the Discord Community!

Click the above banner If you would prefer to support us on Patreon!

We do not post any of our rewards on Patreon, but you will get the same rewards as if you subscribed to the website and the ability to sync your Patreon to your website account for subscriber access!

If you already support us on Patreon and would like to sync it to your website account, simply Follow these steps:
  • If you're currently logged in, log out
  • Login using the "Connect with Patreon" button
  • Assign your website account email as your email on the account page
  • If you used a social media login, click the "social accounts" tab and connect your social account with the connect buttons at the bottom of the page.

If you love watching us stream you can also support us on twitch! You'll get the same rewards as Patreon and website subs do, with added twitch bonuses like ad-free viewing and fun emotes to use on Twitch.tv!

Even better, if you have Amazon Prime then you get Twitch Prime for free, which you can use to subscribe to us for FREE and we'll get the full benefits as if it were a paid sub!