State of the Ferret – September

Hey everyone, this update is going to start off on a somber note, but we do have good news on the horizon.

I’m going to keep this short, but start with the bad news. September is going to be slower than planned as its going to have to serve as a recovery for us.

We can’t disclose the details at this time, but a tragedy befell us this past week that is going to leave it’s scars. They will of course heal for the most part, but its going to need time.

So first off, we are going to be cancelling tonight (9/9) and possibly not tomorrows (9/10) stream, but we’ll be back for sure on Wednesday. I’m not sure if it will be MTGA or some other light hearted games, we’ll keep you posted with our Discord calendar.

Next up, the good news of the month. Dungeon Minis is being published! It’ll be on sale at NYCC, and then eventually on our websit/etsy store! It will include everything from strip 1 to the end of the Great Paw of Justice. We’ll also be in attendance and doing book signings!

Unfortunately, it will be printed in black and white, which is also why I’ve been absent from most social media/discord the last couple of days as I’ve had to mass edit/spell check the whole comic to be black and white frienly (from the color bubbles)

On the video front, Man of Medan has been fully recorded and will be going up soon. MTGA videos will also be returning to normal, and while we were going to do Dying Light next we were actually gifted a copy of the new Blair Witch game, so we will be recording that next.

On the regular comic front, Dungeon Minis itself will probably be down to 4 updates this month BUT the Great Paw of Justice arc will be ending, and hopefully Beelzebud will still be happening, we will keep you updated as the month continues.

Last but not least, it’s my birthday month! I’ll be recording a special lets play or the occasion, but if you could just send us all the love and good vibes that would be more than appreciated.

Than you as always for all of the love and support, as you all know this year has been an incredibly difficult time for us, but with your help we will survive and make 2020 better.



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