State of the ferret November – last light updates and more!

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for sticking by us these last few months while everything has been so crazy on our end, we have updates!

Let’s start off with The Last Light – it is not dead! It’s been on an accidental unannounced Haitus as we’ve been rearranging our schedule. Currently we have no plans to stream it anymore, but it is still being actively recorded and episodes should resume by December the latest.

On the comic front we have decided to put StarMinis on the back burner for now while we work on getting back into alignment with DungeonMinis and Beelzebud. I know we keep promising Beelzebud soon, right now we are focusing on pushing it to come back by Christmas. I should be all done with my current commission list by then and focusing back on Fierce Ferret content full time – and when all is settled with DungeonMinis and Beelzebud back on a consistent schedule, StarMinis will be next.

So lastly, what’s going on with us? You’ve been hearing less of us the last 2 weeks due to our house being finally renovated and our side becoming a fully functioning apartment! Itll be the first apartment Luke and I will have ever had that has it all – 1 bedroom, kitchen, living room, and of course our studio basement. We just got the new bedroom this week, and on Monday, the wall my dad built to turn that living room into a bedroom (the bedroom we’ve been living in the last 3 years) is coming down so it’ll be a living room again! So we’ve been busing cleaning out everything for that. (There will be pictures!)

Luke and I are also setting into a new sleep schedule where I will be up in the day and he’s going to become a night owl. This means y’all will be getting more stream time – like 2 or 3 am streams with Fiddles! Or, Whllwhatever he decides to do anyway, should be fun, I know he’s excited! It might even mean our evening streams could go back to variety/couple games, only time will tell!

Basically, a lot of exciting things are coming. After 2019s crapfest something, nice things seem to be finally coming our way, and we hope it leads to the start of a wonderful 2020.

Thanks as always for being fans and supporting our work <3 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we’ll see you on the discord!



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