State of the Ferret – July

Hey everyone! Lets get into whats going on with your favorite Ferrets for July!

First off, Beelzebud! We promise BB is almost back, June ended up being a travesty of IRL issues (which we’ll get into) but the script is finally done and art has been started, we are pushing to post by the weekend.

Now, lets talk streams/vids. Anyone who was on discord knows we have had nothign but cancellations left and right in the last few weeks. Why, you ask? Because we have been throttled from 11/mbs upload speed to a whopping .8/mbs by our ISP! Yeah, it’s unstreamable, un-uploadable, its been bad all June folx.

BUT FEAR NOT! For tomorrow we are switching form Optimum to Verizon, and gettin this sheet handled!

So, assuming all goes well, we’ll be testing that sweet new internet on Wednesday night!

As for vids, we are trying ot get Bendy-part 4 up today, it’s just taking like.. 5-6 hours to upload. I wish I were joking.

Now, lets talk games! Final Fantasy XIV’s new expansion drops today and we are hyped! We plan on pumping up the guild recruitment and activity in the coming weeks to get into exploring all that sweet content. We talked all about it on our Discord channel, as well as getting data for what days folx are available and starting a Ferret-Approved guild list for rectruting!

We are also doing the same for our Division 2 clan, albeit it a bit slower as it’s been hard coordinating for that raid. For either game, we are open recruiting! You just gotta join our Discord server!

Now, let’s talk Pride Month! With our Pride Merch deal we did last month, we sold 5 shirts! which meant another $50 donation to the Trevor Project, Totaling $650 donated! Ya’ll are amazing, great job raising funds for a good cause!

All donators received our June 2019 postcard, also themed for Pride, and due to the lateness of finishing the postcard you can still get this adorable card for 5,000 Ferret bucks! (Earned by watching our twitch streams) Or, get them automatically every month by becoming a patreon! (only for certain tiers!)

And that’s the State of the Ferret for July! We’ll update ya’ll on how everything with our intenet goes, but we hope to see you back online Wednesday at 8pm EST!

And remember, stay salty!

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