State of the Ferret – February

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we did one of these, so lets jump in!

First things first big apologies for the slowness on the comic front, Jen’s been doubling her hours at work which has caused some content delays, but all of the latest Patreon Support will help in the long haul of her going back to full-time freelance. DungeonMinis should return to normal updates (1 strip/week) in Feb with our latest art Lucky Rabbit’s Antler.

Lucky Rabbit’s Antler is actually our first reward arc from our first Kickstarter back in 2018!

Speaking of kickstarter, we are officially running another kickstarter! We mentioned some details on stream and on discord, but we will do a full announcement on everything you need to know come February along with concept art of the new merch!

Back on comics for a minute, I know all of you are eagerly awaiting news on Beelzebud and it’s finally here… Beelzebud will be returning at the end of February. I know we’ve given 3 or 4 dates to you before, but we are finally near the end of everything needed to bring back your favorite friendly demon. Subs will most likely get early viewing once the next strip is wrapped up!

This unfortunately brings us to Starminis. Last year, we brought you the plan of alternating Starminis/Beelzebud updates so each comic got 2 updates a month; this is no longer the plan. As of right now, Starminis is officially on haitus until further notice. Due to Jen’s new job situation, we had a choice of focusing on Beelzebud or Starminis, and we chose Beelzebud. Most of this comes from the fact that it needs serious re-writes from it’s podcasts inspiration The Last light due to characters changing.

While we’re talking about The Last Light, it has a new home on Thursdays! One of our cast also got a new job which unfortunately gave them Wednesday Overnights, so we’ll be convening every Thursday at 9pm EST!

Last but not least, our Youtube is about to be bopping with content! We have plans for some paper MTG videos very soon as well as the continuation of Moons of Madness and more! Infact, with less than 200 hours to Youtube Partnership we would love it if you gave it a gander and, if you like what you see, maybe even subscribe!

Thank you all again so much again for all of the love and support, you keep our business growing and the content flowing <3



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