State of the Ferret – August

Hey everyone! Long time no update!

We want to thank everyone for all of the love and support we’ve received over the last 2 months with all of the flooding we’ve been experiencing, partly when our water heater exploded. Its been a real bad time for the ferrets.

BUT good news is on the horizon. We are finally getting a new water heater tomorrow, its been 3 weeks and we miss a good hot shower!

We want to apologise for the delays in comics, specifically Beelzebud. BB should have returned in June, but we promise it is making headway. Star Minis is also a little delayed, due to having to rewrite the campaign/script a little for the character replacement. Regardless, we’re hoping September will be a good month for comics!

The website rewrite hit a hurdle today as the dev we wanted to hire had to back out, but we’ve been able to find some alternatives around what we wanna do so it looks like we’ll just be doing it ourselves. Wish us luck!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy our brief touch base with you all. Thank you so much for all of the patience and support you have given us. 2019 has had so many hurdles, but with your help we think we’ll be able to cross the finish line just in time for 2020.

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