Star Minis and Store Updates!

Star Minis is here! Don’t worry, both Dungeon Minis & Beelzebud are getting 2 updates this month, though we do not know when. We are currently full force on Star Minis as a webtoons contest entry. As you all know, we are full-time creators so this is a HUGE opportunity for us. All support is appreciated and our other comic series will not be ending. Wish us luck!

In other news the press has been fixed and we have produced some shirt tests! They are being washed tonight at which point there will be an official kickstarter update on production and we’ll be able to order the official heat transfer paper we’ll be using.

Stickers have been made and should be mailing out shortly, as well as be posted to our Etsy very soon! We also expect to be ordering prints closer to the end of the month meaning there will be NEW PRINTS in the shop!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for our shop to be updated with some great goodies!


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