Site Maintenance & Revamp

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a heads up about the changes coming to!

First things first; we’re taking down our Etsy. Not sure when, but starting next month we’re putting up an actual store on the site to buy our merch. For a short time, both our Etsy and our normal store will be up as we try to drive all traffic directly to the site.

This comes from the recent announcement to Etsy, where they have decided to punish stores who do not offer Free Shipping. This, ontop of the % they take from our sales, has made us decide to take our business directly to our site as soon as possible. We hope that Etsy decides to change this policy, as we strongly feel it is an attack on small businesses like us, but regardless it’s better in the long run we boost our site more anyway.

Next up, the site; we hate it. It needs a makeover, and we are in talks with a developer now to get a shiney new site! It’ll be a better hub for all of our content, and soon feature things like a Fanart Page, MTGA Decks and tips from the amazing Gideon aka Luke, and a better news system so you can find out when everything we do is updated; youtube, twitch, comics and podcasts!

We are shooting to have the new site revamp done by the end of the year, preferably around September (my birthday!) but its going to be beautiful AND mobile friendly!

And for those who read our little blog; we thank you. As mentioned, we are planning to up our blog content (probably with MTGA/Gwent/Card Game related stuff) so we hope you look forward to whats to come!

And remember, stay salty!

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