RSS Feeds back up! Streamerversyary!

Everything is working again! You can now enjoy our awesome podcasts on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify! The Art Commissions page is also functioning again, thank you guys so much for all your patience and support waiting for this stuff to get fixed up.

In other news our TWO year streamerversary is coming! 2 years ago January 2017 we started our streaming career playing the newly launched Resident Evil 7, which ended up being amazing, and what better way to celebrate being 2 years into the game with the soon to be launched Resident Evil 2 Remake! Which looks SO FREAKIN GOOOD AAAHH!!

Anyway, there will be raffles! SO MANY RAFFLES! And good times, and party hats! We can’t wait! Our celebration will begin on Friday January 25th at 6pm EST! We’re going strong and early, and we hope to see you there!

Lastly, we have some new shirts coming to the store later this month we think you’ll enjoy, so stay tuned and we hope your 2019 has been off to an amazing start!

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