Responding to #NoTwitchScabs

Hey everyone, in light of the whole Prime Day walkout and the current call to action to get people off Twitch that day we wanted to talk a little about unions and fighting for the people.

Working conditions at Amazon are brutal, and we stand with those workers this Prime day by refusing to buy anything that day.

But what happens after the boycott?

That’s the thing about Amazon, one day of “sticking it” to them by not buying products, or say, not using Twitch, isn’t going to send any message to Amazon. They know when the day is over and done, business will be back to normal. Change doesn’t happen in a day, if it did this would have been resolved last year.

If you want to send a message to amazon, then cancel your prime membership and spend less on their non-platform services, like Instead of purchasing bits, send direct Paypal donations or subscribe to creator Patreons instead of Twitch.

By now, you’ve probably also seen the “#NoTwitchScabs” tag going around. And I know, Luke and I are Twitch streamers, so we obviously have a vested interested in defending the use of the platform. But, at the end of the day, if you choose to boycott Twitch that day it is your prerogative. We understand where that choice is coming from and appreciate the message behind it, but please do not judge others for not following your lead.

Streamers aren’t employed by Amazon. Twitch is a platform like iTunes or Youtube. Streamers are more equivalent to app devs, and it is wrong to call them “scabs.” It’s misusing the term and misrepresenting the situation. And as was stated before, if you really want to make change with Amazon, REAL change, then it takes more than boycotting their services for a day.

That being said, we will be streaming that Monday on Twitch. After losing practically all of June due to internet connection issues, we could really use the support and income from it.

We hope you understand our decision and whatever you chose, just please be kind. There is too much hate in the world right now, and even just contributing less of it to the world is a small way we can all help each other.

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