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Ever have that one friend who loves something you know nothing about?  Something you wish they could explain better? 

Well, this isn’t that show!

Welcome to Drunk Fandom! A podcast where we have a drunk person explain something they love to a sober friend, who is clueless.


This podcast is recorded in seasons, each containing 10 episodes. We hope you enjoy our first Season! Season 2 will be available for the public early next year.


Subscribers get access to the podcasts as they are recorded! So if you love our content and want to support it, you can check us out on Patreon or Twitch and get access to Season 2 this Summer!


Drunk Fandom contains swears and other not-safe-for-work content. Viewer and listener discretion is advised.


The Fierce Ferrets do not condone excessive drinking, but if you do, please drink responsibly


Enjoy the show!


Download   || Wasteland Whiskey 


Download   || Kaoliang Hearts

Download   || Retsina Evil 


Download   || Chronicles of Riesling 


Download   || My Hero Absinthe


Download   || Grogzilla


Download   || Madeira Hornets


Download   || Mojito Effect


Download   || Cocktail Tower