Call of the Void

A Podcast about all things Weird and Macabre

Two friends, Jack (a Horror writer) and Daekon (an aspiring funeral director) , discuss their views on weird news stories, ARG’s, creepypastas, horror movies and more!

This podcast updates on a Biweekly basis, be on the lookout every other week for a new episode!

Call of the Void is published by Fierce Ferrets, and therefore has their own social media and support links. Be sure to follow them on:

Download   || EP30: Back From out of the Void

Download   || EP29: Tales from the Void: Halloween Special 2019


Download   || EP28: People Say Friends Dont Destroy One Another


Download   || EP27: News Oddities to Imagine To


Download   || EP26: We’ve Been Here a Year! (Special Guest Jenifer “theBATCLAM” Harris)


Download   || EP25: Twisted Tunes


Download   || EP24: Daekon’s First Solo Adventure (Board Games Redux)


Download   || EP23: Remains to Be Seen


Download   || EP22: Not Gonna Lie, This One’s Intense


Download   || EP21: Very Much Stranger Than Fiction


Download   || EP20: Leaving the Pineapple Under the Sea


Download   || EP19: Mr. Sweetly (Jack’s Birthday Episode)


Download   || EP18: Deakon’s Ghoulish Games Corner


Download   || EP17: Momo Money Momo Problems


Download   || EP16: Oh, the Places We’ll Go!


Download   || EP15: Local Legends


Download   || EP14: Paranormal Aliens


Download   || EP13: Daekon is a Movie Killer


Download   || EP12: The Skepticism of True Believers


Download   || EP11: Quicksand


Download   || EP10: Interface


Download   || EP9: The DAYD Middle-earth Stood Still


Download   || EP8: Chip Chan


Download   || EP7: Comically Large Knives in Haddonfield Since 1978


Download   || EP6: Paranormal Activities


Download   || EP5: Stories to Tell in the ARG


Download   || EP4: Cubic Time


Download   || EP3: Hallo-Weenies


Download   || EP2: Ruined Childhoods


Download    || EP1: Creeps and Crawlies