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New Features coming to FierceFerrets.com!

Hey everyone! We're working out butts off to improve our website experience, and we thought you'd be excited to hear what those are! New Layout - As we mentioned in a previous blog post, we're looking to change over to a sleeker layout! Something that better showcases all of the content we produce here at fierceferrets.com and not just our comics. This especially includes more exposure for our Twitch autohosts, as we plan to embed our Twitch player in the side! Website Store - The BIG thing you'll be seeing added here soon is a fully integrated store and shopping...
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Last Light Returns from Haitus!

The Last Light returns from its haitus tonight with a new cast member! DungeonMinis fans will be excited to hear that the player who made Volstag has joined the fray! We'll be recapping the whole campaign for new folks, so come say hi and enjoy the shennanigans! twitch.tv/fierceferrets
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Responding to #NoTwitchScabs

Hey everyone, in light of the whole Prime Day walkout and the current call to action to get people off Twitch that day we wanted to talk a little about unions and fighting for the people. Working conditions at Amazon are brutal, and we stand with those workers this Prime day by refusing to buy anything that day. But what happens after the boycott? That's the thing about Amazon, one day of "sticking it" to them by not buying products, or say, not using Twitch, isn't going to send any message to Amazon. They know when the day is over...
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