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Responding to #NoTwitchScabs

Hey everyone, in light of the whole Prime Day walkout and the current call to action to get people off Twitch that day we wanted to talk a little about unions and fighting for the people. Working conditions at Amazon are brutal, and we stand with those workers this Prime day by refusing to buy anything that day. But what happens after the boycott? That's the thing about Amazon, one day of "sticking it" to them by not buying products, or say, not using Twitch, isn't going to send any message to Amazon. They know when the day is over...
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Site Maintenance & Revamp

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a heads up about the changes coming to Fierceferrets.com! First things first; we're taking down our Etsy. Not sure when, but starting next month we're putting up an actual store on the site to buy our merch. For a short time, both our Etsy and our normal store will be up as we try to drive all traffic directly to the site. This comes from the recent announcement to Etsy, where they have decided to punish stores who do not offer Free Shipping. This, ontop of the % they take from our sales, has...
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Changes to Drunk Fandom

Hey everyone!  Just a brief update lm the status and future of Drunk Fandom! We have originally set, what we thought, was a simple goal; 2 seasons a year, 10 episodes each. But, as our content has grown and everyone schedules got turned upsidedown, we have decided to rethink how to keep the podcast going, while not killing our livers and maintaining a healthy lifeschedule, and have settled on instead doing 1 season a year with 15 episodes. We are also reducing their length from 2.5-3 hrs to 1.5-2 hrs length. So, we're going to stick to a  fall/winter public...
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