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Horizon comes out this week!!!

Happy Monday everybody! Luke is such an evil GM- well, he tries to be. Horizon comes out this week!!! I'm SO excited!! Gideon and I will be couple streaming it on Wednesday so be sure to tune in to his Twitch Channel at 7:30pm EST! I'm still trying to get my cutting machine to cut stickers properly, but in the meantime I will be continuing to make chibis for when that time comes. I've started making some Crowfall ones, and if you don't know what Crowfall is you should look it up cause its amaaazing. Still in pre-alpha but I...
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Locke & Key!!

Its DungeonMini Monday! I hope you enjoy what is one of my favorite strips featuring Frog Volstag. This one is actually inspired by a boardgame called Super Dungeon Explore, its sooo much fun! I highly recommend checking it out. Its expensive, but worth it if you get the right people. Also with the new setup you no longer NEED a DM (Though you can still have one) they introduced "Arcade Mode" with their last expansion featuring basically an "NPC" mode to the game which, personally, I adore. (I'm just nooot a PVPer which says a lot about Crowfall, which I...
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Happy Dungeon Mini-Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! Or as I'm now calling it, Dungeon Mini-Mondays! Its crazy to think its finally happening- launching out own site and comic series. Starting with our chibi dungeon crawl Dungeon Minis! And soon Beelzebud, and soon.. much more! Gideon and I are very committed to making it all work out, so if you love our work please consider supporting us over at our Patreon. Right now our plan is to push out these little free webcomics and take commissions/sell prints and stuff in the hopes of building our business. We still have our big comic project The Wardens...
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