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Happy hump day! Its been a tiresome week, we're making a lot of progress though in our creative projects. One of the biggest news we have is I'm going part-time at my day job, so I can take care of my father and increase my streaming so I can work towards being full-time in that. This week I haven't gotten to read many comics, but I did catch up on some pre-Rebirth DC comics. I'm up to the arc where Superman loses majority of his powers, and the world finds out Clark Kent is Superman. It just reinforces the idea...
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We OUTLASTED Those Games!

Happy Wednesday! The week is half over, woohoo! This week I finished Outlast 2, and it left me... dissatisfied. It was mainly the ending, and the buildup during  the last hour/act that really I just didn't care for. Overall though, the gameplay was solid and improved a lot of mechanics from Outlast 1, just the story was not nearly as solid. I'm really excited to try Little Nightmares out this week! I hope to see you all on my stream tonight at 7:30 pm, EST! As for books I read Bloodshot USA by Jeff Lemire, it was a great finally...
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We’re Making a Video Game!

Hey guys! So sorry for the late post! We finally finished gathering our team and today I'd like to announce we're going to be beginning work on our first video game! I can't give any deets other than it'll be a short free-to-play horror game. If you're interested in following this project, as well as our other unannounced/in development work we have a patreon tier for that! That being said I'm pretty mush swamped with commissions and comic work so I apologize if I'm slow to respond to you guys. I've fallen behind a bit on all my work due...
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