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Happy Wednesday! Its been quite the week so far; got new lights for the room, gave a friend my old graphics card and helped him build a PC, ME Nomad RC came in and P5 came out which we've been waiting for... like 10 years! Its really good so far, and Doctor Venture is in it for some reason? Going to be streaming more tonight so be sure to catch us on Twitch @7:30pm EST! Unfortunately, we can't stream P5 due to an announcement Atlus made or we'll get content-ID'd. So we'll just be playing some spoopy filler till Outlast 2...
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10 Years!

Happy DungeonMini Monday! Remember kids, don't bluff dragons if you don't got charisma. Its actually Gideon and my 10 year anniversary! 10 years ago today we started dating. Sadly nothing special is going on today because adulting, but we have each other so <3 And our 5 year wedding anniversary will be this December so hopefully we can do something big then. Horizon Zero Dawn's story is getting craaazy! I'm sad it isn't getting as much attention as BOTW, despite being something new and fresh... It's nothing personal to Nintendo, it just brings back the struggle Indies have with these...
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Horizon comes out this week!!!

Happy Monday everybody! Luke is such an evil GM- well, he tries to be. Horizon comes out this week!!! I'm SO excited!! Gideon and I will be couple streaming it on Wednesday so be sure to tune in to his Twitch Channel at 7:30pm EST! I'm still trying to get my cutting machine to cut stickers properly, but in the meantime I will be continuing to make chibis for when that time comes. I've started making some Crowfall ones, and if you don't know what Crowfall is you should look it up cause its amaaazing. Still in pre-alpha but I...
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