New Features coming to!

Hey everyone! We’re working out butts off to improve our website experience, and we thought you’d be excited to hear what those are!

New Layout – As we mentioned in a previous blog post, we’re looking to change over to a sleeker layout! Something that better showcases all of the content we produce here at and not just our comics. This especially includes more exposure for our Twitch autohosts, as we plan to embed our Twitch player in the side!

Website Store – The BIG thing you’ll be seeing added here soon is a fully integrated store and shopping cart as we try to move away from Etsy as our main supplier.

User Account Pages – With store will come a whole user account page! What will it be for other than shopping? I’m glad you asked!

Subsciber Area Returns – We tried out using Discord for our subscriber stuff, and the truth is we’re not a fan! SO we’re bringing back subscriber integration, which will include twitch integration. A one-stop-shop for all our subscriber info and rewards! We also hope this will help expedite physical rewards as we are looking to map out an area to submit requests for your reward boxes!

MTGA and Gwent Decks/Blogs/More! – We’re looking to expand our card game content here! You’ll even be able to submit your own decks for review and maybe even get them featured on stream!

Fanart Pages – We love all of the amazing art you make us, and we want to show it off! We plan to host a better community section with all of the awesome things made by the community!

Webforums – We know its sort of a thing of the past, but not everyone is a discord person! We’re looking to make a community area on the site as well for discussing fierce ferret content!

And more? We’re all boosting our utility for the site and making it a worthy place to check out for everything we do! If there’s anything you’d like to see us add to that we haven’t touched on, feel free to comment below or tag us on Discrord!

As always, thank you for all the lover and support. We couldn’t do this without you.

And remember; stay salty!

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