Locke & Key!!

Its DungeonMini Monday! I hope you enjoy what is one of my favorite strips featuring Frog Volstag.

This one is actually inspired by a boardgame called Super Dungeon Explore, its sooo much fun! I highly recommend checking it out. Its expensive, but worth it if you get the right people. Also with the new setup you no longer NEED a DM (Though you can still have one) they introduced “Arcade Mode” with their last expansion featuring basically an “NPC” mode to the game which, personally, I adore. (I’m just nooot a PVPer which says a lot about Crowfall, which I kickstarted)

Anyway I hope everyone has a great week! And a Happy Valentines day! I have reopened Commissions, but its a liiiittle late to get anything done for you last minute gift buying couples (Unless its chibis) so remember to check those out here.

My gift? My husband got me the amaaazing Locke&Key comic collection, my FAVORITE comic book series in recent years:
Seriously, if you love Horror this comic is fantastic. And its ended, so you can read  the whole thing!




*cocks ferret* profile's haunted

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