MOAR BLOGS! Charity Stream!

Hey everyone, Long time no post eh? We’ll be fixing that in the future, hopefully with weekly updates on whats coming and whats new with us and our merch!

Let’s start with comics; Star Minis is coming back this weekend, who’s excited? And, incase you missed it we talked all botu the future of Star Minis and Beelzebud in our Dungeon Minis 100 strip celebration

We also hit 1k on Youtube! Thank you all for the love and support, we are blown away by how fast the channel is growing and it really helps to know all of our work is paying off making video content. Horror game Lets Plays are next, coming by the end of June!

Lastly, we have a charity stream on the way! For anyone who has kept up with us on Twitter, you’ll know it was supposed to be tomorrow, but sadly due to our internet bugging out all day we think it’s a safe bet it’s not going to cooperate tomorrow, so we’re moving the charity event to next saturday.

Our apologies for the sudden notice, but this also gives us time to iron out our echo and touch up the rewards we’ll be offering for donating (will post those soon)

There will be no stream tomorrow as a certain Wombat and Reaper will be joining us to celebrate Luke’s birthday! We’ll be back to streaming on Monday.

We hope you have an amazing weekend, and remember; stay salty!

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