Less than a month to our Kickstarter!

You read that title right, we’re less than a month to goal and we have all those final details wrapped up for you to hear all about!

When Will The Kickstarter Be?

The official start date for our kickstarter is going to be May 7th! No specific time, but we will be posting when it goes live here and on our discord!

What Is The Main Fund Goal?

The minimum amount we will need to be funded for a full shop is $7,500. This covers all of the equipment needed to make the products in-house, shipping supplies and kickstarter fees.

What Merch Is That, Exactly?

Im so glad you asked! For our minimum goal, we will be selling t-shirts(sizes small – 4XL)totes, and stickers. These will all be sold with Fierce Ferret IPs only, and no fan IPs like our prints. Yes, that absolutely includes Dungeon Minis, Beelzebud, The Last Light, and lots of cute ferret merch! We have 20 designs in total we’re opening the kickstarter with.

Stretch Goals?

Our final agreed stretch goals to start are going to be for hoodiesphone/key charms and messenger bags. We really wanted to do Mugs and Beanies, but each require different materials and equipment to make them happen. While it means it probably wont be seen on the kickstarter or anytime soon, it is all gear we are invested in adding in the future!

What Kind Of Rewards Can We Expect?

Every reward will include a shoutout on the site, and $10+ backers will include a Kickstarter Exclusive 11×17 art print, signed by Gideon and BATCLAM! We will have tons of shirt rewards, including Early Bird specials, totes included for $50+ backers, and our biggest backer specials will be themed with special Dungeon Minis comic related rewards!

How Exciting!

Oh yes, we’re very excited! We can’t believe how close we are to launch, and we’re so very grateful for the loving and supportive community we’ve built.

And remember if you’re a subscriber on our Patreon or Twitch, you get early access to see the designs now! (Please note Twitch Subs must be on our discord with Twitch Integration for access to the sub channels/sub rewards feeds)

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