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The Last Light Podcast is here!

Hey guys, it’s finally here! A page for our starfinder campaign The Last Light

Special thanks to DaekonFrostgrave who ripped and edited our audio for us. In fact, Daekon has been so helpful on all of our work making us music and editing our Starfinder podcasts, we have officially recruited him onto the Fierce Ferret Team! So definitely give him a congrats if you see him and welcome to the team buddy!

We hope you all enjoy the podcast page and any feedback/bugs you guys find is definitely appreciated.


More on the kickstarter front, we’re really ramping up on the contents this weekend and prepping for our launch in April. We going to have an official banner released hopefully this week on it and would appreciate any and all shares.

We want to spread the word asap so people are pumped for April, and remember if you’re a subscriber you can see the designs early as well as help support our content.

Thank you all again for your love and support, we’ll see you Monday for MMO-Monday!




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