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Kickstarter, Podcasts & New Outro

Hey guys! Just wanted to throw some updates your way about exciting things coming to!


First off, as you may or may not have heard, we ARE starting a kickstarter. We’re shooting for mid-late April, and it will be to officially jumpstart our business to making merchandise like shirts and hoodies! We also have stretch goal plans for hats, mugs, phone charms, mouse pads and pins! Subscribers can log in and start seeing designs now, but everyone else will have to wait till April to see all the goodies!


Next up, for those who are fans of our Last Light campaign we will be putting up the episodes in audio and video form on the website for download! Don’t worry, the tech issues and breaks will be cut out. This should hopefully be happening sometime in March.


And lastly, a special treat for our subs and supporters is our new outro videos for streams (and YT though with different wording) I’ll most likely be updating the list weekly, so sorry if your name doesn’t appear right away when you sub! Special thanks to DaekonFrostgrave for making us a new song in light of our monstercat sub ending!



Thank you all for all your support, we couldn’t do any of this without you and we hope this is an appropriate thank you for everything you do <3



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