Happy Thanksgiving & Kickstarter/Shop Status!

Hey guys, Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday, 


Just a current status update on the state of the Kickstarter; we have 20 pledges to go before we can officially say “we did it!” and boy we can’t wait. Things have been a little slower than planned due to unexpected shipping costs and general holiday delays, but we are hoping to be done sending by November/early December and have our online shop ready for the holidays! AKA the word “PREORDER” will be dropping from our listings come early December!


In the meantime, for the last week of November you can get FREE shipping on all Art Prints and Shirt orders! Which will arrive in time for the holidays and will make great gifts for the holidays! You’ll also be helping to support your favorite ferrets!


Finally, for anyone who’s been following us on Social Media or Discord, you heard that our artists Tablet broke again. Thankfully it’s been resolved, and we’re making up for it with 4 DungeonMinis strips this week! Beelzebud should also be getting back to updates, but StarMinis will be late coming back in December.


And as always, thank you all so much for all the love and support, we couldn’t do this without you.  

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