Halloween 2019 Contest Winners

Super late in posting but we’d like to thank everyone who participated in our first ever Halloween Contest!

We had some laughs and some really cool entries, check em out!

Screenshot Contest Winner

The winner of our Screenshot contest was our very own Yana! with their custom VR avatar and outfit! They put some awesome work into it and we just loved this combo of cute and spoopy!

Enjoy our other great entries!

Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner

The winner of our Pumpkin Carving contest was an entry by Arthrall and his Daughter with their adorable My Little Pony Pumpkin!

Enjoy our other great entries!

Finally, our Costume Contest Winner!

The winner of our Costume Contest was the very talented Xeshma, who nailed their rendition of Bowsettee!

Enjoy our other great entries!

Thank you again so much to everyone who entered our event, we loved all of the entries! We look forward to the next one, and we hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!



*cocks ferret* profile's haunted

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