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Etsy Revival, Youtube Launch and StarMinis

Hey guys! So we’ve got lots of news on the Fierce Ferret front today starting with updates on the site revamp; it’s not happening anytime soon. I had originally wanted to get it done this month in time for taking pre-orders next month, but it turns out finding a theme that works with the two plugins we need is a huge pain in the rear. That being said, we’ve decided for now to go back to using Etsy until we can sort that out. For now, don’t expect any site changes or updates on a site change until probably next year around January, when Con season and the holidays clear up and we have time again.

In better news the Youtube is officially being updated now! We have our first video up, The Boomsday Card Analysis. While we are mostly going to be updating with Hearthstone and other card game content, you can expect edited streams of games we have played on Twitch to go up as well. That is, any games that have been completed in under 8 hours, we’re not doing any 22 part videos, sorry guys.

Last but not least, we will be finally launching our new comic Star minis this week. It is a comedy web series based on our ongoing campaign The Last Light, which you can listen to for free on our podcast┬ápage. We’re going to be using it to enter the current Webtoons comic contest, so you can expect at least 8 pages this month and it’s future updates greatly rest in the hands of Line and how we do in the contest. We will be advertising it everywhere and uploading it here to the site when it goes life. Very excite!

We hope you all have a terrific week!


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