EP19- Mr. Sweetly (Jack’s Birthday Episode)

In October of 2015, Jack wrote and posted a story to Reddit’s NoSleep forum. Since then, Mr. Sweetly became a series and has been read on several podcasts of note, including The NoSleep Podcast. It has also been the subject of some fan art, including a fan film by Noah Tubbs, called “Before the Billy Incident a Mr Sweetly Story.”

Since this episode is slated to release on Jack’s birthday, May 20th, our hosts talk about this series… Followed by some silliness that you could only expect from Daekon and Jack.

You can read the original story here: https://bit.ly/2Hp5eky

See the portrait that Jen made of the ghoul, himself: https://bit.ly/1KFyUZs

You can watch Noah Tubbs’s short film here: https://bit.ly/2W73O7A

And, just for fun, you can read Kat’s fanfic here: https://bit.ly/2QcQUQp

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