EP17- Momo Money Momo Problems

In this episode, Daekon and Jack discuss “The Momo Challenge,” its creepypasta, the origins, and other such nonsense which began when a cropped image of a sculpture called “Mother Bird” (created by Japanese artist Keisuke Aisawa for a special effects company called Link Factory) started circling the web. Soon after, the story of the supernatural creature, Momo, who instructed children to hurt themselves and their families, emerged in posts and videos. Parents were then warned through sensationalism about this frightening “challenge,” and the news went viral.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our hosts incorrectly state that Aisawa destroyed the statue because of the backlash Momo received. Aisawa says that he destroyed it long before any of this, due to the statue being old and “rotten.” Also, the name of the HBO documentary about Slenderman that Jack references at 11:50 is Beware the Slenderman.



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