Moderator Team

We have an amazing team of Twitch/Discord moderators!

Being a mod can be a thankless job, and is all volunteer work. Please remember they try hard to keep our community a safe and fun environment for everyone.

Be nice to them and they will be nice to you ❤  if you have any problems with the server or other members on the server their DMs are open for support! Ignoring our moderators or blocking them can result in being banned from the server

  • Brandonson112
  • TheReaperOfSoles
  • Bionicllama
  • Ebonscale
  • Yana Kae
  • Sleepy Donut
  • GinzyGraves
  • GodsGameFreak
  • Jierda
  • Akkliamet aka Ella

Interested in contributing in helping the community? Our Mod Applications are always open!

  •  You must be 18 years or older. While our server is not 18+, we feel it is best our mods are to be able to handle tough decisions and other situations that may arise.
  • Remember that YOU will be representing the Fierce Ferret Brand! This means we expect a HIGH moral compass and protecting the server/stream from those who seek to be dicks and ruin fun for everyone
  • Minimum 6 months discord membership/following the Fierce Ferrets on twitch. We need you to be either Twitch or Discord active. That means being around at least a few hours a day on the discord, or making at least half our streams, or both!
  • You can have NO previous strikes against your record! That means no warnings/mutes/temp bans on your record on both twitch or discord

We generally add mods over time when necessary, so you do not have to reapply for modship if you already applied, we will be saving your information during periods where we need to add more mods. Only reapply if you wish to update your application.
If you publicly ask us the status of your mod application on the server , or harass us in DMs about it, you will be disqualified.