Ferret Buck Rewards



Do you love earning great rewards, like tshirts or shop discounts, for FREE? Then you’ll love our free Ferret Bucks Reward point system!

All you have to do is watch us on Twitch.TV! You earn 1 Ferret Buck/min you watch our streams, you can also earn Bucks with the list below!

Type !bucks in our Twitch chat (when we’re live) to see yours \o/


  • !redeem postcard | 5,000 Bucks | Redeem this month’s postcard! Unique art for the month of that year, a joke, and signed by us! Please note this requires sending us your address either on Discord or Twitch DMs!
  • !redeem gnome| 10,00 Bucks | Become immortalized in our Sims4 home as a part of the Mysterious and Powerful Gnome Council!
  • !redeem coupon | 25,000 | Get a $5 coupon off any shirt from our Etsy store! thefierceferretshop.etsy.com
  • !redeem shirt | 100,000 Bucks | You’ve watched and been apart of our community for so long, you deserve a reward. Redeem this to get yourself any one of our Tshirts from our Etsy Store [Sizes S-4XL]
  • !ticket [# of Tickets] | 60 Bucks/Per Ticket | All bits and Donations attack the FURDRA! When slain, the stream gets a loot raffle that everyone in stream can enter!


  • Subscribe to us on Twitch | You earn 500 Ferret Bucks whenever you subscribe, resubscribe to the channel or give our gift subscriptions to other folx!
  • Clip of the Week | We love showing off fun moments from our stream, catch the funniest moment and you could win 1,000 Ferret Bucks a week!
  • Social | DM us screenshots of you following us on any of our social media/webtoons comics and/or joining our discord, and get 100 Ferret Bucks for each! (900 bucks total – Youtube, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, our 3 Webcomics on Webtoons and register an account on our website )
  • !tweet | Get the word out there! Whenever you tweet or retweet us going live, or advertise us in threads looking for streamers, we’ll give you 30 Ferret Bucks every time!
  • Hangout in chat, or make us laugh | We love rewarding people who chat with us, make us laugh or even help us with tech issues. You could find yourself walking away with extra bucks just for being here!


  • !explore <bucks> | Gather a group to explore the wasteland! The more people, the stronger the foes and bigger the rewards!
  • !gamble <bucks> | Roll a 100 sided die and try your luck at getting some Ferret Bucks! 1-25 = Loss | 26-75 = Get your Bucks back | 76-98 Double Your Bucks! | 99-100 5x your winnings! Global cooldown 5 minutes/User cooldown 1 hr (Minimum 10 bucks | Maximum 100)
  • !duel @name | Challenge someone in chat to a duel! Caution though, its a 500 buck stake!