The Team

We got the salt, we got the sweet, we got the ferrets that can’t be beat!

Founded in 2017, the Fierce Ferrets are a small group of friends dedicated to making comics, games and live stream entertainment!
We have a passion for telling tales, playing games and making people happy, and we hope our content does just that!

Meet the Team!

Gideon the Greyfox

[ he/him ]

Our Salty co-founder and husband to theBATCLAM, Gideon is our main host at and writer to our webcomics series and podcast The Last Light!

Gideon is the backbone of Fierce Ferret Radio, our host with the most, and our favorite Dungeon Master, working his magic for our Last Light podcast!


[ She/Her ]

Our Sweet co-founder and wife to Gideon, BATCLAM is our co-host on limited days on and visual artist to all our content here at Fierce Ferrets!

When not working on crazy amounts of art, BATCLAM also plays the shifty Lemon in our Last Light podcast! Or doing daily editing for our Youtube channel.

Daekon Frostgrave

[ he/him ]

Our precious dragon boy, Daekon is responsible for all podcast editing and making sweet tunes for Fierce Ferret Radio!

He also plays our plan-making bug boy, Zrix, on our Last Light podcast and co-hosts our Call of the Void podcast!

Jack Mason aka Wombatbaron

[ They/Them ]

Our spooky writer of spoops, Jack is the writer of the scare-tastic No-sleep story Mr. Sweetly! And here at Fierce Ferret Radio, they continue to write amazing content, as well as do voiceover work for our Youtube!

They’re also known for playing our favorite non-binary android, Reese, on our Last Light Podcast and co-host our Call of the Void podcast!

Parabolic Panda

[ he/him ]

Our Game Dev, mysterious Panda, and friend. Like most Pandas, he lurks and watches- waiting for that perfect moment that someone, somewhere, would capture with their phone for a hilarious meme vid.

Halama Prime

[ he/him ]

Our beloved video editor and not a llama. Somehow puts up with all our crazy shenanigans with the patience you would find in a saint.


[ he/him ]

Our wonderful PR manager! Helps us out with all of our important announcements, and occassional editing. 

He’s also Jack’s brother- cat siblings!