Commission Page Updates & New Pricing

We’ve got some changes over on our commissions page!

What’s new:

  • I no longer take black and white comms but instead have now two-tiered my color styles to continue providing affordable work, while charging what I should have been charging for my more advanced work.
  • Pricing (as mentioned above) color prices have gone down while my more painterly work is now properly tiered, and has gone up. Stream Layout prices also went up, Emotes & Badges did not change.
  • Breakdown of additional charges, what I do/do not draw, and now approx. waitimes list all under the comm prices
  • Form page now has a Terms of Service that you must accept when filling a commission. I will still take comms on other sites, but will now be linking this page and taking confirmation of approving this list.

Thank you all so much for all of the love and support! I have a good feeling about this month finally getting my remaining 2019 comms done and re-opening full operation soon!



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