Changes to Drunk Fandom

Hey everyone!  Just a brief update lm the status and future of Drunk Fandom!

We have originally set, what we thought, was a simple goal; 2 seasons a year, 10 episodes each.

But, as our content has grown and everyone schedules got turned upsidedown, we have decided to rethink how to keep the podcast going, while not killing our livers and maintaining a healthy lifeschedule, and have settled on instead doing 1 season a year with 15 episodes. We are also reducing their length from 2.5-3 hrs to 1.5-2 hrs length.

So, we’re going to stick to a  fall/winter public release schedule, where all episodes come out at once near the end of the year, and subscribers will have access to them as they are edited!

We hope this not only improves the quality of the show, but gives more subperks throughout the year.

Thanks always for all your love and support. and remember, stay salty!

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