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A Podcast about all things Weird and Macabre

Two friends, Jack (a Horror writer) and Daekon (an aspiring funeral director) , discuss their views on weird news stories, ARG’s, creepypastas, horror movies and more!


This podcast updates on a Biweekly basis, be on the lookout every other week for a new episode!


Follow us on Twitter @thecotvpodcast!



Call of the Void contains strong language and possible trigger warnings, and is intended for mature audiences.

Listener discretion is advised.



Download   || EP1: Creeps and Crawlies


Download   || EP2: Ruined Childhoods


Download   || EP3: Hallo-Weenies


Download   || EP4: Cubic Time


Download   || EP5: Stories to Tell in the ARG


Download   || EP6: Paranormal Activities


Download   || EP7: Comically Large Knives in Haddonfield Since 1978


Download   || EP8: Chip Chan


Download   || EP9: The DAYD Middle-earth Stood Still


Download   || EP10: Interface