State of the Ferret – August 0

State of the Ferret – August

Hey everyone! Long time no update! We want to thank everyone for all of the love and support we’ve received over the last 2 months with all of the flooding we’ve been experiencing, partly when our water heater exploded. Its been a real bad time for the ferrets. BUT good news is on the horizon. We are finally getting a new water heater tomorrow, its been 3 weeks and we miss a good hot shower! We want to apologise for the delays in comics, specifically Beelzebud. BB should have returned in June, but we promise it is making headway. Star...

New Features coming to! 0

New Features coming to!

Hey everyone! We’re working out butts off to improve our website experience, and we thought you’d be excited to hear what those are! New Layout – As we mentioned in a previous blog post, we’re looking to change over to a sleeker layout! Something that better showcases all of the content we produce here at and not just our comics. This especially includes more exposure for our Twitch autohosts, as we plan to embed our Twitch player in the side! Website Store – The BIG thing you’ll be seeing added here soon is a fully integrated store and shopping...

Last Light Returns from Haitus! 0

Last Light Returns from Haitus!

The Last Light returns from its haitus tonight with a new cast member! DungeonMinis fans will be excited to hear that the player who made Volstag has joined the fray! We’ll be recapping the whole campaign for new folks, so come say hi and enjoy the shennanigans!

Responding to #NoTwitchScabs 0

Responding to #NoTwitchScabs

Hey everyone, in light of the whole Prime Day walkout and the current call to action to get people off Twitch that day we wanted to talk a little about unions and fighting for the people. Working conditions at Amazon are brutal, and we stand with those workers this Prime day by refusing to buy anything that day. But what happens after the boycott? That’s the thing about Amazon, one day of “sticking it” to them by not buying products, or say, not using Twitch, isn’t going to send any message to Amazon. They know when the day is over...

Site Maintenance & Revamp 0

Site Maintenance & Revamp

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a heads up about the changes coming to! First things first; we’re taking down our Etsy. Not sure when, but starting next month we’re putting up an actual store on the site to buy our merch. For a short time, both our Etsy and our normal store will be up as we try to drive all traffic directly to the site. This comes from the recent announcement to Etsy, where they have decided to punish stores who do not offer Free Shipping. This, ontop of the % they take from our sales, has...

Changes to Drunk Fandom 0

Changes to Drunk Fandom

Hey everyone!  Just a brief update lm the status and future of Drunk Fandom! We have originally set, what we thought, was a simple goal; 2 seasons a year, 10 episodes each. But, as our content has grown and everyone schedules got turned upsidedown, we have decided to rethink how to keep the podcast going, while not killing our livers and maintaining a healthy lifeschedule, and have settled on instead doing 1 season a year with 15 episodes. We are also reducing their length from 2.5-3 hrs to 1.5-2 hrs length. So, we’re going to stick to a  fall/winter public...

State of the Ferret – July 0

State of the Ferret – July

Hey everyone! Lets get into whats going on with your favorite Ferrets for July! First off, Beelzebud! We promise BB is almost back, June ended up being a travesty of IRL issues (which we’ll get into) but the script is finally done and art has been started, we are pushing to post by the weekend. Now, lets talk streams/vids. Anyone who was on discord knows we have had nothign but cancellations left and right in the last few weeks. Why, you ask? Because we have been throttled from 11/mbs upload speed to a whopping .8/mbs by our ISP! Yeah, it’s...

Taking A (small) Step Back 0

Taking A (small) Step Back

Hey everyone, we want to start off by thanking you all for the tremendous support during our charity stream, we raised $600 for LGBT+ with the Trevor Project! Sadly, our personal and financial problems continue to grow, and so we are forced to take a step back and rebalance our life. A major source of income for us has fallen through, which has us in dire straights this month. So, we’ve had to cancel some of the Oneshots this year, cancel community nights, and DungeonMinis may be seeing a few less strips this month while our artists hunts for more...

State of the Ferret – June 0

State of the Ferret – June

Hey everyone, happy June! And a big Happy Birthday to our co-creator Luke aka Gideon aka Salty Boi! Let’s take a look at this weeks LIVE schedule! So, where to start? We’re so thrilled to have Star Minis back in the roster! And you bet our adorable red demon child is next! You should be seeing an update to Beelzebud next week as we kick off content for June! Youtube is also going to see some new content as we wrap up our first horror game playthrough; Bendy and the Ink Machine! Subscribers have had access to the previous chapters...