Commission Page Updates & New Pricing

We’ve got some changes over on our commissions page! What’s new: I no longer take black and white comms but instead have now two-tiered my color styles to continue providing affordable work, while charging what I should have been charging for my more advanced work. Pricing (as mentioned above) color prices have gone down while my more painterly work is now properly tiered, and has gone up. Stream Layout prices also went up, Emotes & Badges did not change. Breakdown of additional charges, what I do/do not draw, and now approx. waitimes list all under the comm prices Form page...

State of the Ferret – February 0

State of the Ferret – February

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we did one of these, so lets jump in! First things first big apologies for the slowness on the comic front, Jen’s been doubling her hours at work which has caused some content delays, but all of the latest Patreon Support will help in the long haul of her going back to full-time freelance. DungeonMinis should return to normal updates (1 strip/week) in Feb with our latest art Lucky Rabbit’s Antler. Lucky Rabbit’s Antler is actually our first reward arc from our first Kickstarter back in 2018! Speaking of kickstarter, we are officially...


The Last Light is BAck!

The Last Light Returns! Join your favorite rag-tag band of rebels as we return from our haitus to our Starfinder Campaign!

End of the year Survey 0

End of the year Survey

We hope everyone had a great holiday and is having a wonderful weekend! If you have the time, we’d really appreciate it if everyone filled out our end of the year survey to help us improve for 2020! Just wanted to note since some folx were asking for options like “no time” specific content questions are skippable if you do not engage with that content ♥️

BOTW CHarity Stream Live now! 0

BOTW CHarity Stream Live now!

We’re raising money for our vets! Join us with as we continue our BotW Co-Op Challenge, LIVE now!

State of the ferret November – last light updates and more! 0

State of the ferret November – last light updates and more!

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for sticking by us these last few months while everything has been so crazy on our end, we have updates! Let’s start off with The Last Light – it is not dead! It’s been on an accidental unannounced Haitus as we’ve been rearranging our schedule. Currently we have no plans to stream it anymore, but it is still being actively recorded and episodes should resume by December the latest. On the comic front we have decided to put StarMinis on the back burner for now while we work on getting back into alignment with...

#Sponsored by WotC 0

#Sponsored by WotC

We’re LIVE with Magic the Gathering Arena! Sponsored by Wizards of the Coast ~ we’re giving away packs to followers all night! Join us for a Couples Brawl night! No Oko here folx!

Welcome to the new! 0

Welcome to the new!

It took weeks of blood, sweat and tears, but we are are finally live with the new site! I want to thank everyone who sat with me through my coding woes, and if there are any problems using the site please don’t hesitate to reach out to and we’ll happily tend to fixing them! And of course, we have more to come! Fierce Ferret Wikia; we are still in the process of migrating from fandom wikia, but we’re hoping this will be done before christmas. Site Store; currently we are still using Etsy, but we are looking to leave...

State of the Ferret – September 0

State of the Ferret – September

Hey everyone, this update is going to start off on a somber note, but we do have good news on the horizon. I’m going to keep this short, but start with the bad news. September is going to be slower than planned as its going to have to serve as a recovery for us. We can’t disclose the details at this time, but a tragedy befell us this past week that is going to leave it’s scars. They will of course heal for the most part, but its going to need time. So first off, we are going to be...