Back from NYCC! kickstarter Pledges Mailing shortly!

Hey guys! Happy to announce we are BACK from NYCC, and it was a blast! We’ll be showing off all the great art commissions we got as well as some other stuff through the week. BATCLAM sadly caught a bug, but she’s recovering!

We just wanted to let you guys know that Kickstarter pledges are going to start going out in waves this month! Starting with the lowest to highest tiers. We’ll be setting up the founders page most likely this week as well, and we’re going to be making a Fan Art page for all of the great work you guys have made us!

An update on our podcasts; we have been trying to get them up on services like Spotify and Itunes but have been having some difficulties. It seems our wordpress feed as an XML error Im looking into and most other services we’re not sure we can afford atm. For now, we apologize you’ll have to stay updated on our site here but we hope you are enjoying the content so far! Drunk Fandom S2 is coming soon which Subs will get first access to, and we can’t wait!

For now we hope you are all having a wonderful week! We have one more convention we’ll be going; Road Island Comic Con! So we hope to see some of you there!

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