Author: Gideon

Kickstarter Update: The Evolution of our Stream Setup

Hey guys! Sorry we haven’t been keeping up the Fierce Ferret blog, for anyone who’s been on our discord/kickstarter you already know whats up but for now Im gonna catch things up here. The Kickstarter ended with us being more than funded! Didn’t hit any stretch goals, but we made enough extra to really up our content creation game, which is really exciting. We still have to wait for the kickstarter funds to come in before we get to any pledge reward fufillment, but we have started priming the basement workstation/studio and today we are officially moved in for our stream content! So, while we wait for our funds and shop, we present to you a history of our stream setup! The Beginning:   Our First upgrade! BATCLAM got a real desk, her own cam and we got some better lights!   Our second upgrade! GReen screens and pro lights!   And now, our new studio! Moved into the basement, […]