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Author: daekonfrostgrave

Daekon’s Top 10 board games for the Holiday Season

It’s the Holiday Season, and we all know what that means. Another year spending time with family, usually with uncomfortable conversations about life and politics or worse…..Sports. What if I told you it didn’t have to be? As someone who has used the tactic of  “Hey let’s play a board game” in uncomfortable situations like the above examples, on more than one occasion I may add, I can testify that having a few board games on hand can solve a lot of problems. Make yourself comfortable, and let this frosty Dragonborn introduce you to “Daekon’s Top 10 best board games for the holidays.” Keep in mind these are my opinions of the best board games to pull out when needed, and not holiday themed in really any way.     10. Clue Clue is a Classic, and most people have this game just lying around somewhere. You can really never go wrong with this game, it’s a simple concept, rules […]