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Author: theBATCLAM

First Ever Patreon Exclusive Print!

Happy DungeonMini Monday! Good and bad news on the print front. The good news; I’m making the first ever Patreon-Only Print! A Beelzebud halloween print, the sketch is subscriber only right now on Patreon and Discord. I’m going to be working on it this week on stream, super excited about it. It will be available to $25 patreons only for their print-reward perk and the $5 patreons ¬†will be getting the wallpaper and .PSD file. I will also be ordering Overwatch and more Steven Universe prints when this is done, so print perk patreons will be able to get their hands on those as well if you missed out before. The bad news; I know I had said I was going to be making a Persona5 print with my next print order, but this has been canned due to the current comic/commission schedule still being too busy. Other than that we’ll be doing a stream celebration for our webtoons sub […]