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Author: theBATCLAM

Webtoons Patreon Pledge!

Happy Monday! Guys I am SO HYPED we got patreon pledged by Webtoons!! If you’re not already, please sub to our comics there because it does help. But yeah we couldn’t have done it without you, thank you so much. So I started reading comics again on my breaks at the day job, its been nice! I finished Nailbiter, was a little disappointed about the ending but I still did really enjoy the story. I also started reading Bloodstain, made by the wife of one of my favorite artists, and I liked it. Its a slow start but I’m interested, you can actually read it for free on her deviantart so if you wanna try before you by go for it! Apart from that I’m just still struggling a bit art wise, but at the very least I AM catching up. I finished the charity logos and 1/3 commissions i have, so two to go! I was suppose to finish […]