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Author: theBATCLAM

Slice-Of-Life vs Comedy

Happy Hump Day! So everyone I wanted to talk about something different today aside from comics & games. I wanted to talk about the direction Beelzebud is taking as a story. I know from the beginning this slice of life comic has been a lot about laughs and funny situations. But as I continue writing this story, it is shaping up to have more serious tones like today’s strip. Just like life we all have moments of doubt, and struggles. Some days there are hard lessons that need to be learned, however that doesn’t mean further down the road we won’t succeed. I take a lot of inspiration for this comic from shows like Parks & Rec, where despite sad times, eventually our protagonists find a way to make it, or learn that it’s okay not to. I hope everyone enjoys where the story goes and I hope everyone has a good mental health day.