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Author: theBATCLAM

Addendums to our Previous Post

Hey everyone, our apologies for the secondary announcement but we have unfortunately had to make additional changes to our stream schedule. With our last post, we had stated we were going to be streaming 5 days a week and 3 nights a week. However, we are now cancelling all day streams and returning to night streams with this new schedule; After we made our previous announcement, we learned that Lukes father is experiencing a decline in his health, as well as his doctor who is conveniently out here has now stated he can no longer care for his condition, which means we will have to take him into the city more often for his appointments. While that is the main reason for needing to free our day schedule, we have also noticed a large dip in our numbers. While we have only been day streaming for a month now, our average has dropped from 24 to 15.5, which is very […]